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a feeling where you'd do anything to bone her.
guy 1: man that chick is hot. i'd so do her.

guy 2: aw i think you're in love my friend.
by yeahman13446 June 27, 2009
1. Exploitable idiocy

2. Dependable tool of war, usually succeeding massive propaganda depicting the glory of your nationality and creating crude, debasing stereotypes. (i.e. political horseshit)

3. What you wouldn't admit to your lover in front of your mates.

4. Walt Disney's promotional campaign for making more children end up suicidal and delusional maniacs once they're confronted with reality.
Love is the single most disgusting, cliched word ever created. If it were a true emotion, they wouldn't have been able to fathom up a word to describe it... fucking hypocritical douchebags
by goatonwire June 03, 2009
an alternative term for sex
her body is so fine, i just want to have hardcore anal love with her
by bootybuttcheeks1232534562 May 20, 2009
Love is giving someone the power to DESTROY you, but trusting them not to!!!
Lisa loved my boyfriend.... that is UNTIL he dumped her
by Twinkie101 March 31, 2009
love is something kids tell each other when they like each other a lot. It is, in fact, BULLSHIT. Said kids end up always "fighting" and when one wants sex and the other doesn't, they break up and the boy dates the girl's best friend.
Jake: I fuckin love you, Sarah.
Sarah: I love you, too!

{Three weeks later}
Jake: Well, you wouldn't let me fuck you... So too bad for you. I still love you though. I'm just going to date your friend now.
Sarah: Oh... Ok... Hope you're happy...
Jane: JAKKKKE! I LOVE YOU! -to Sarah-Sweetie, are you sure?
Sarah: it's whatever...
by ThisxLovexThisxHate March 31, 2009
An illusion.
Eric - "I think I love her"
Fred - "Haha, good luck with that"
by sHaLaAL January 30, 2009
Two women having sexual inter/outercourse while i watch
I love this shxt!
by pothw August 19, 2008