Isn't a word . its a feeling you express your self from. When you love you don't give a fuck what others say about your boyfriend or girlfriend because you trust them more than anybody . love is beautiful but also hurtful
"Oh I love you baby 💖 you mean the world to me " guy says .
by cupcakes_bro April 11, 2015
The most scary thing in the world. The biggest monster out there; it either destroys you for life or helps you grow and find yourself. Only brave yet illogical people allow it to control them.
I do not love you. Love is the pronunciation of evil, spelled backwards.
by consue March 29, 2015
Is always kind, never fading. Always there when you need a helping hand and spends time with you like your their whole world and would do anything to make you smile.
see that heart over they are so caring i'm so happy they are in love.
by Autumn Rose Wilson March 29, 2015
State that projects strength, faith, hope and endless will to empower.
Love is life. Life is love.
by PineappleJuice March 12, 2015
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