a feeling that overwhelms your logic and reason and even some times law will stop you'll do anything for the person you love anything there are serial killer couples because one loved the other some much that they did as they commanded love is strong and cannot be broken.
there is no example for love
by |._.|<LOVE!! August 21, 2009
A misunderstanding between to complete idiots.
Omg Bob did you see those to dip sticks they think there in "Love"...WOW.. and they think thats a good thing in two weeks they won't even remember why they ever thought they "loved" each other...
by thatswhenisaid August 03, 2009
Love is 6" deep

(Size varies depending on race, heritage, insecurity and fapping)

It travels from the back of your brain, down through your spine and out the head of your dick. There is nothing as over rated as a piece of ass and nothing as under rated as a good shit.
Lover: "I love him/her"

Dood: "Really? How long have you been seeing each other?"

Lover: "About a month now."
by Anon_001 July 31, 2009
the slowest form of suicide...love is natures way to torture us and make sure we all think "suicide is the answer" at least once in our lives
Dear Heart,

Prepare to shatter.

Dear Wrist,

Prepare to be cut

Dear Brian,

Prepare to filled with nothing else but him.

by xXchinamauiXx July 24, 2009
Pain, more pain, then you die.
Love stinks! Yeah, yeah (love stinks) - J. Gelis Band (1980)
by Fizzle1234561 July 19, 2009
Is butterflys when you hear there name you can never be without that person your heart skips a beat when they look into your eyes love isnt just something you say to a new boy/girl friend just to make them happy love is a deep emotion a rollercoaster ride filled with joy sorrow and happiness Love is something that makes you fall in a trance of forgetting there flaws and loving there Heart. <3
He stares Deep Into her Eyes
As her heart Is racing

She faintly Says I Love You.
by TokyoZombiez July 12, 2009
Chemical reactions in our body that make us procreate so that the human population can be maintained. The love most people witness and hear about on television shows and music is just a myth and is something that cannot last long in the real world.
Guy 1: I think I'm in love with Sandy.

Guy2: No you're not. You just wanna fuck her.
by Striker122 June 22, 2009

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