When Passion and Loyalty combine
I am in love with my husband.
by lightmangroup December 14, 2014
Sharing your paradise with another person that will always care for you. ❤
Babe, I love you and always will. 💙
by ~ marie December 13, 2014
The greatest, most painful feeling in the the world
I love him, but he loves her.
by Charlotte Cullen December 07, 2014
a dangerous disadvantage.
I've always assumed that love is a dangerous disadvantage. Thank you for the final proof.
by titaniumTitachnid December 02, 2014
1) gladly sacrificing your needs or wants for the sake of someone else's
2) understanding each other's personal language of affection and letting that be enough
1) He moved to Nowhere, USA for her dream job and she allowed him to hang that ugly purple college flag in their otherwise beautifully decorated livingroom. I guess they just love each other.

2) He shows his love by getting up early and packing her lunch. She shows her love by keeping the fridge stocked with Rainier beer. These are languages of love.
by anthropologista November 29, 2014
Love is the feeling when you really need to shit but can't find a toilet then you find one but its a bad toilet but you don't care because you need it so much right now
I love her.
by pzhfbfgdfghghhrgtgbgmghfgh October 24, 2014
Love is an amazing thing to have it could come from family or your friends or your special someone...
If you have a friend that's awesome as hell and you like how he/she is them self and true to there self and/or you like them because there could be the smallest thing about them that interest you and you like them for their inner beauty and not their outer beauty, you love them! It's ok to say to your friend that's a girl or guy that you love them but like a bro or sis. You would do anything to make them laugh, smile, and/or Happy! If your talking about family love you care for them and it's normal family is your family they made you how you are and so do friends! You could be lonely and they will be there for you when you have bad days. Love is an amazing thing to experience when it's your friend that you like or love as you'll say... If it gets to the point when you want to makeout with then tell your freinds what you should do..
I love you so much if you don't like me I don't care I will love you as a brother/sister but I'll still love you!

I love you bro/sis your weird

I love this coffee it's amazing

Need a Hug? XD
by JazieLoves123 October 16, 2014

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