Giving someone the ability to destroy your Heart, but trusting them enough not to
Love is never settlling for being someones other, when you can be someones ONLY
by Andrielle March 21, 2013
Love is amazing and sweet. You feel it with only one person. Love is when you feel happy with that person and you never want it to end! Its when you always think of them day and night ever second every mintue. Its when you smile when they laugh or talk. When you always want to see them. Your heart flutters and you feel comfortable around them. They always make u smile or laugh
when your chest goes quicker and u miss them all the time. You always think of them. Thats love!
by :) love! June 01, 2010
The word men, or women in some cases, use to get in your pants.
He said "I love you" As he went in to kiss her, stroking her cheek. She knew he would just dump her like the rest of them, but she felt it was special. "You too" She had already known him for like, a week, so he could really be trusted. He was different. And he had a new girlfriend the next week.
by whydoyouneedtoknowme May 17, 2010
When your girlfriend will gladly take your load and swallow 50 - 500 million of

your unborn babies than see them die in a condom.
"dude1" yea dude she would totally eat my unborn babies that let me bust in a

"dude2" fuck dude thats love right there!
by Hyperkid420 March 15, 2010
to have total trust and affection for another person
Amanda loves Rigoberto Moran more than anything in the world.
by axBrookexc March 14, 2010
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