Love has no definition.
You cant truly explain or describe it.
Its the thing were all looking for and all need.
And its the thing that when you lose it you never forget that loss.
Love = The smile you get when you think about someone.
The feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see them.
by Just_A_Person April 28, 2012
Two women having sexual inter/outercourse while i watch
I love this shxt!
by pothw August 19, 2008
"Love - A temporary insanity curable by marriage." ~ Ambrose Bierce
"I'll love you 'till death do us part." What happens when you sober up/are cured? That's why divorce lawyers make the big bucks.
by DaveofSanGabriel June 16, 2008
The most powerful feeling in the world that words will never be able to describe, though many do try. One will fully understand love only through discovery and experience, not explanation.
Love is patient, love is kind,
and is not jealous,
love does not brag
and is not arrogant,
does not act unbecomingly,
it does not seek its own,
is not provoked,
does not take into
account a wrong suffered,
does not rejoice in
but rejoices with the truth,
bears all things, believes
all things, hopes all things,
Endures all things.
Love never fails.

1 COR. 13
by Scott Klar May 13, 2008
giving your gun away when it's loaded
love shatters you to pieces, but
a heart will keep beating long after it's been broken
by Astrix January 31, 2008
A word used mostly in high school to describe their lust towards their partner
Im in love with Karissa.
by josh32393 September 04, 2007
When a man loves a woman cant keep his mind on nothin else. He'd trade the world for a good thing hes found. If she is bad, he cant see it. She can do no wrong. Turn his back on his best friend if he puts her down

When a man loves a woman spend his very last dime trying to hold on to what he needs. Hed give up all his comforts and sleep out in the rain if she said thats the way it ought to be.

When a man loves a woman deep down in his soul she can bring him such misery. If she is playing him for a fool hes the last one to know. Loving eyes can never see.
the writer of this song obviously loved someone when he wrote it....;)love
by gytyrgyd August 03, 2006

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