Love is a very, very hard thing to explain...and can't even /be/ explained, really.

To start is "a very strong feeling towards another person."

The word ove has become a thing of the mainstream. It's a thing written on a pink, low-cut tee shirt. It's a thing written across the bum of a pair of sweatpants.

Love is the thing 90% of songs out there are about.. I wonder why.

Love makes you cry and laugh at the same time.

Love is blind.

Love doesn't mean sex. It doesn't mean "loving" someone for that "hot bod"

To say it simply: God is love, whether you're religious or not.

There is such a thing as love at first sight. Hell, fifth graders can fall in love. Whether it's in their head or not, it's the feeling of love. The butterflies in your stomach. The way you giggle with flat out happiness everytime you think of them.

Love is the thing people hate when someone breaks their heart.

Love is when your heart smiles.

Love isn't just a four letter word.

Like I isn't what's written on your braclet you got from Hot Topic. It cannot be explained, nor defined.
A- It was like it was straight out of a romance novel. She was in his arms, and that was right where she wanted to be. Nowhere, could she be happier.

B- He watched her walk away, holding happily onto the arm of the school jock. It was the worse pain he had ever felt. It was like his heart was being ripped out of his chest. He loved her.

C- False: "Yo dawg I got these shorts! Look at this ass!" *has love written on her skin tight Hollister pants* "Ain't this somethin' Katy Perry would like, so totally wear?! Love!!!!"
by O:LoveBunny:O March 23, 2012
The definition of love is when you meet a boy or girl and nothing else matters but that one person and you would no anything to keep them no matter what the circumstances. Dylan, I love you more then anything, no matter what.
Me: Wow, your amazing Dylan, I really love you.
Dylan: I love you, will you marry me?
Me: You know it dragon boy
Dylan: Forever and ever
Me: and ever and ever.
by dylanlover1313131313 May 24, 2011
There Is No Example Of LOVE
by dwdassd May 18, 2011
The feeling the can be stretched to all limits, a devotion and strength to do watever you can for another person no matter where that may take you. A feeling that will never be removeable from your heart, it has to past tense. So hold onto it and charish it no matter where it may lead you in life because it truly only comes around once.
I am in love with you.
by Aashleeeey August 09, 2010
i love you lilly <33333333 i really love you with all my strength,i will always love you
me ''iiiii lllloooovvvveee yyyoooouuu'' love
by darkvic21 July 02, 2010
Him. The need to be with him at all times. Desire to feel his arms around you and holding you close. Often an unreturned feeling, commonly called unrequited love.
I love him. He loves her, and she loves him.
by thenifellhopelesslyforyou March 23, 2010
*the word Communist came up with so they can have sex for free

*that warm feeling you get when you tub your cat or ...
* its not just sex... i love you...

* i love you baby :)
by 8lilit8 February 11, 2010
what is love is one of the most asked questions in the world.... its thought to be this feeling of completion, untill it hits u, ur under a spell. u see the world different.... food tastes different, u speak differently to your aquatints, u take leaps and bounds just to see a cheek raise on your loved ones face. love isnt brought on threw time, love is known from the point of impact. ull let nothing get in the way of ur love for that person. not 350 miles, not a fear of opening up. love make u do and say crazy things but at the time, those crazy things don sound so crazy because when ur in the moment, nothing else matters but the feeling u have for that person and u wanna get on top of a mountain and shout it to the world. i always wondered what love would feel like.... it took me 18 years to figure it out but i promise the moment it hits u, it hits u so hard u might question if this is really it, all u have to look at is if ur feelings are truly unconditional. take an extra step and speak ur mind. if ur love isnt excepted than it wasnt deserved to be received.
k loves d
by babylovelover January 31, 2010

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