- I think of her in the clouds.
- I stay awake long nights seeing her in the ceiling.
- I write her name on my tests.
- I always think of her reaction may be before i decide.
- I smile when I think of her.
- I feel my pulse rise as I sense her.
- I feel complete when she talks to me...

- I stare aimlessly at you.
- I see you embrace someone other than me.
- I smile and wave back at you.
- I feel my heart shattered and torn.
- I have a huge grin when I feel like I should cry.
- I say "Everything's all right!" when you question why.
- I cry because but I don't know why...

- I think to myself, "She will never love me."
- I say to myself, "She won't love me as much as him."
- I convince myself, "She is more important than myself."
- I force myself, "She will never love me."

So I keep quiet...

All because I love you, is that a crime?
Goddammit, I love her....
by cloudwatcher April 02, 2007
Bullshit, The only pick up line to get in a girls pants every time.
Guy:Will you fuck me if I say I love u?
Girl: Did u say love.....
Guy: Yes I love u.....?
Girl: Sex me up right now!
by A positive thinker December 22, 2010
Love is when you REALLY like someone for who they are, but you're also DTF.
I love him so much that I will let him be my first.
by Sigher December 01, 2010
2 AM Denny's trips.

Sharing scarves.

Calling rude dennys employees old hags.
Laughing at everything together.
Apologizing for our laughter when it is not necessary.

Needing drinks because you are parched.

"I thought it was bigger" - that's what she said.
Writing comment cards to rude old hags.

Laughing LOUDLY.

Watching other people go on "dates".

Taking 20 minutes to order our food.
Almost pissing your pants.
Old Hag: Do you see that obnoxious group of girls over there?

Gino: That's love right there.
by ahsatan! November 21, 2010
being able to be 100% yourself around someone, and have them not care, and also to care so much about someone, that words cant describe how you feel, you get all tingly inside when you see them, and when they arent there you feel like a part of you is missing
The feeling you get when you find your one true love, the person your meant to be with for the rest of your life.
by Cooklitsa August 23, 2010
when you can look at someone and see that they're caring, loving, passionate, they can listen to you, you wont get bored around you, they have a comeback to all your witty comments, they see your flaws but still accept you. they make you laugh so hard that u feel like you're going to get abs, they make you feel better when you're down...if that's not love then what is
i know he has his flaws but i love him so much
by Somerandomguywholivesinstlucia August 04, 2010
a fake emotion. a word thrown around. a lie. just want sex.
"i love you" = i just wanna get in your pants
by brokenforeverandever August 01, 2010
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