When a man loves a woman cant keep his mind on nothin else. He'd trade the world for a good thing hes found. If she is bad, he cant see it. She can do no wrong. Turn his back on his best friend if he puts her down

When a man loves a woman spend his very last dime trying to hold on to what he needs. Hed give up all his comforts and sleep out in the rain if she said thats the way it ought to be.

When a man loves a woman deep down in his soul she can bring him such misery. If she is playing him for a fool hes the last one to know. Loving eyes can never see.
the writer of this song obviously loved someone when he wrote it....;)love
by gytyrgyd August 03, 2006
The only way to forget everything
The whole world sucks but i don't care, because random male or female name, my Love, is always here with me
by Pinball Wiz March 18, 2009
Love is having one person be your other half, and feeling lonely when they aren't around you, no matter how many other people you are with. Someone who truly completes you, and you feel incomplete when they aren't around you.

When you and your significant other are in love, you completely understand each other, and know every little thing about each other, yet always seem to have something to talk about.

Though talking isn't required either. There is no awkward silence, just listening to each other breathe on the phone is nice, just looking into each other eyes for long periods of time can say just as much as a conversation.

Love isn't just a romantic thing. It shouldn't all be serious. You and your partner should be able to have fun being weird and goofy together. Laughing is an important part of love.

Love means not pushing each other to do things that aren't wanted. It also means supporting each other in any decisions, unless they are harmful, no matter how weird they are. This doesn't mean you shouldn't say how you feel about it, though.

Love is trusting your lover, and being honest no matter what. If you kissed somebody else, or ripped their favorite shirt, tell them. If they truly love you, you will be forgiven.

Love is saying "I love you" while looking into someone's eyes, and truly meaning it, and them saying it back, and you can just feel that they mean it, too.

Love is amazing.
Love isn't definable.
Love cannot truly be described.
Love is love.
Girl: I love you.
Boy: I love you too.
<they kiss>
by Demon Fish Girl March 04, 2009
a strong connection between two people , when you see that person all you see is them. when you hear that persons voice you block all other sounds out ; when your with that person , you never want to leave them<3
shannon canter and christopher rumplik 1-1-09 in love forever
by Shannon hayleigh canter January 10, 2009
love is something that doesnt just come right away. sometimes you might have to wait a while, or maybe you just have to open up. it shouldnt be something you just say so that you can get in someone pants. you should say it cause you mean it. you know your in love when your always thinking of that person. and your always wanting to be with them,and then once you get to be with them its like the best day ever. some times love doesnt have a definition, it just has good examples(:
1. Im in love with my boyfriend.cause he is perfect to me.
by Brynnnn October 24, 2008
Love is like a power struggle. Whoever loves the other less, has the power. This is because the person who loves the other more is more willing to do what it takes to prove their love. So the person who loves the other less can easily say "Do this for me...." and therefore has "the power." HOWEVER
If trust is a key factor in a relationship, the person without the power has to acknowledge that they don't have the power, and therefore either has to gain it, or trust their lover enough to have faith that they will use it well.

And that is why relationships are very hard to manage. Without true trust, the balance of power falls out and that is where people get hurt. The more simple solution to this problem is if the two people love each other equally, which, although much desired, is not easily accomplished.
Jack and Jill were happily in love, but Jack did not know that Jill did not love him as much as he loved her. Jill secretly had control over Jack, but power did not corrupt her heart. She sparingly used her power over Jack to maintain a healthy relationship and balance of love and power.
by GuruPremier October 21, 2008
1)a feeling that makes you sick in the stomach because of the amout of feelings that are stirring up in your stomach

2)something that makes you wanna do crazy things and not think about the consiquenses
1)i told jack that i love him and now its awakward between us:(

2)ahh im not sure if i love him or not ahh help me its makeing me feel sick
by tearslikerazorblades October 06, 2008
Do you know what does L.O.V.E mean?

L = License
O = Of
V = Vaginal
E = Entrance
I love you and I trust you baby. That's why I hug you baby and then I fuck you.
by hu$T-LA September 18, 2008

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