When a man loves a woman cant keep his mind on nothin else. He'd trade the world for a good thing hes found. If she is bad, he cant see it. She can do no wrong. Turn his back on his best friend if he puts her down

When a man loves a woman spend his very last dime trying to hold on to what he needs. Hed give up all his comforts and sleep out in the rain if she said thats the way it ought to be.

When a man loves a woman deep down in his soul she can bring him such misery. If she is playing him for a fool hes the last one to know. Loving eyes can never see.
the writer of this song obviously loved someone when he wrote it....;)love
by gytyrgyd August 03, 2006
A word used mostly in high school to describe their lust towards their partner
Im in love with Karissa.
by josh32393 September 04, 2007
if you think you are in love, ask yourself this: "do i mind being financially ruined by this person?" if the answer is "yes", then it is love, if its "no" then its something else.
person 1: I LOVE YOU!!
person 2: go the fuck away you freak!
by sia January 02, 2006
A non existent plateau. A level of happiness created by man, but cannot be reached. People only claim that they are in love because they convince themselves that they are in order to satisfy their mind.

Love does not exist.
I thought I was in love with Maira, but I was wrong. Turns out everyone I was "in love" with was only a state of mind I thought I needed to be in.
by -KoN- December 31, 2005
Love is a thing of the heart and not just a word of the mouth.
It can be considered a word of the mouth when it comes from the heart.Its a word that should not be said if you dont mean it.Saying the word 'love'is a very strong word that has strong meanings compressed in just one word but some people prefer it when you start picking the meanings one by one.
Its a feelings that makes you wanna risk anything,go anywhere to please someone.Love can be here,love can be there,love can be anywhere but love is all we need.
You dont look for love,love finds you.
Baby you should let me love you
by shadex July 09, 2005
1. An emotion used by girls and gays.
2. A feeling that is "un-bro"
Guys at a party...

Bro 1: "Hey bro, how's thats sexy little whore of yours?"

Bro 2: "Dont call her that, I love her"

Bro 1: "Leave my house, and give me that natty"
by dkel056 October 30, 2010
Something that can give you the feeling of pure happiness and an unexplainable feeling for someone. Love is also something that can rip your heart out and shatter it into a million little pieces.

WARNING: Love is dangerous and someone always ends up getting hurt. Usually the other person will step on and painfully reject your heart for another person. This continues on in a vicious cycle; falling in love, in love, dating, the break up, after the break up, deep depression, then falling in love again, ect. Be careful; you will get hurt when you are in love, but it's something you can't stop.
The cycle of love:
Falling in love: You see said person, your heart stops, and you get an unexplainable feeling in your gut, usually butterflies in your stomach.
In love: Everytime you see that person, your heart beats fast and you want to be with that person and never let them go.
Dating: Finally, you two are going out and you feel happiness, and a feeling that you hope will never stop. You think about this person constantly. This feeling cannot be explained with words.
The break up: He/she finds another person. They break up with you, not really caring about your feelings. Your heart sinks to hell and you feel nothing. Usually, there is shock.
Deep depression: You feel never ending sadness, pain, and hate towards the person. You hate the person so much, but you still love them. Usually the person with heartbreak doesn't give a shit about life anymore.
Falling in love (again): See the Falling in love stage.
by Mitsuki Ame May 24, 2010

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