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A phrase said to someone of the opposite sex to indicate friendship and closeness without any sexual intentions or overtones. A happily married woman might say this to another happily married man after a deep conversation. The expression would be used by people who might share intimate details with each other but would never attempt to interfere in each other's primary marriage or relationship.

Can be abbreviated for texting as lynf.
Sally: "It's been such a hard week. Thank you for listening to all my complaining."
John: "No problem, Sally. I know it's tough at work to hide those negative feelings."
Sally: "Oh John, you are the best! Love you, no fuck!"

Bill: "Hey thats a really nice scarf. Looks good on you!"
Nikki: "Thanks man!"
Bill: "Haha, lynf"
by mbnj1982 December 26, 2013

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