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What Neill Ptrick Harris left in the back of Harold's car in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.
"He're's $20 for the burgers, and 200 for the car. I left some, ah, love stains in the back seat, you'll see."
by gramaticon July 29, 2005
45 14
1 n: A permanent mark caused by the act of sexual intercourse, generally dried semen
2 n: The pain of having your heart broken
"I left a love stain or two on your couch, Jeremy, sorry, bro."
by God October 28, 2004
97 21
When a guy gets cum all over a piece of furniture.
"Hey man, thank's for letting me borrow your car last night!'s 50 bucks."

"....uh...what's the 50 for? You're my bro, it's free" he says, giving back the $50.

"You'll find out in a second, thanks again!"

he goes back to his car.

"WTF!?! He cummed all over the bitch in the front seat!?! Awwwwwww hell naw! $50 won't cover these love stains!!!"
by Lana lana LANA October 29, 2008
21 8
What you leave in the back of your friends car after you borrow it for a date with your girlfriend.
John,"Here is $20 for your car."
Greg,"My car! What did you do to it?"
John,"I left some Love Stains in the backseat."
by J-Hobbz January 17, 2005
26 22