love snot means cum/sperm, a snot like substance used when making love ;)
"I am going to sneeze some love snot on your vagina with my pork sword"
by Declan 'love snot' Kenny March 06, 2009
Top Definition
Mariella looked deep in to Charles' eyes, he grasped her in his manly arms and proceeded to shoot love snot into her hair.
by Saoirse September 01, 2003
Please put your hand in my underpants and jiggle it around until I produce love snot. Thanks, Simon.
by Ian Chode April 08, 2003
semen, sauce, lovejuice
After jerking me off for ten minutes, I proceeded to expel my lovesnot all over her face.
by JCS Bricks August 20, 2004
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