when there is a chain of lovers that goes round an' round
EX: timmy loves sarah, sarah loves derek, derek loves trevor, trevor loves alli, alli loves phillip, phillip loves laura, laura loves timmy

this is a love octagon
by myspacefaggot February 03, 2007
Top Definition
is a variation of a love triangle. But as the word octagon implies it involves more than three people.Eight to be exact.
Brigette's such a fox that she had managed to create a rivalry among the guys...This is beginning to spawn to an intersting love octagon involving the 8 guys at work and a dangerously hott woman.
by quiver September 19, 2006
Similar to a Love Triangle but instead of three involved there are exactly eight.
Amber, a poplar woman in the workplace, had caught the attention of seven individuals. This rivalry quickly became a Love Octagon in which Amber was constantly being pressured to date one of them.
by Me llamo jeffe September 10, 2015
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