Top Definition
An Attraction for someone; you're feigning for them in every way...physical and mental
I got a love jones for her body and her skin tone
by Simone May 06, 2005
when your just deeply in love
girl, I think i have the love jones for my boyfriend of 2years
by darlene Jackson April 02, 2005
havin deep feeings for a certain person that devevlops into love or a crush
Girl i gotta love jones for him but it aint nuffin deep
by E.Fizzle May 29, 2005
Havin' a crush on someone.
I got da love jones for dat girl wit' da big booty
by Skirmish MC February 08, 2004
A penis at full attention.
Put the love jones in your mouth so I can feed you some of this coconut milk. Beeoch.
by Evull-E November 02, 2004
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