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being involved with someone or liking someone supremely and then getting shut down bc the counter part wants to remain friends instead.
sam: i wish we could make this night more special...*wink wink*
brook: me too.....but i think that u should know...... i just like u as a friend....
sam: NO!! i was totally just love fucked!
by samuel adams March 15, 2005
Being caught off guard by realizing how much you love sumone
Dude i was totally kicking john cenas ass on smackdown vs. raw 08 when Britney Spears Walked into the room an LOVEFUCKED Me causing me to lose
by brandon ennis February 04, 2009
adjective; lovefucked:

1) to be fucked with love.
eg: "Oh man this sucks! I'm totally lovefucked!"
by Paroxysm - Zak July 26, 2008

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