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another term that can be substituted for marijuana, dagga, ganja, dakka, herb, weed, greenery, giggle weed, the doctor, giggle blossom, giggle bud.
Suck: You wanna draw on some love bud?
Sap: Yo Suck, and there will be lots o love in the room.
by Jack Weed November 25, 2006
13 13
slang word for clitoris
suck my love bud
by Marlies Wilson February 22, 2004
32 15
The relationship between a girl and a guy which is way above friendship but isn't the g/f b/f love.

It's used to define a buddy whom you love.

Cute Bum is Chumy Chum's lovebud!!

by Chumy Chum July 24, 2008
14 4
1. a nipple

2. the clitoris
She had a pierced love bud.
by The Return of Light Joker June 18, 2011
0 6
Inhaling deeply from a source of cannabis, then exhaling your smoke into the lungs of your lover
by Richard Cashmore September 17, 2003
6 16