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another term that can be substituted for marijuana, dagga, ganja, dakka, herb, weed, greenery, giggle weed, the doctor, giggle blossom, giggle bud.
Suck: You wanna draw on some love bud?
Sap: Yo Suck, and there will be lots o love in the room.
by Jack Weed November 25, 2006
slang word for clitoris
suck my love bud
by Marlies Wilson February 22, 2004
The relationship between a girl and a guy which is way above friendship but isn't the g/f b/f love.

It's used to define a buddy whom you love.

Cute Bum is Chumy Chum's lovebud!!

by Chumy Chum July 24, 2008
1. a nipple

2. the clitoris
She had a pierced love bud.
by The Return of Light Joker June 18, 2011
Inhaling deeply from a source of cannabis, then exhaling your smoke into the lungs of your lover
by Richard Cashmore September 17, 2003