another term that can be substituted for marijuana, dagga, ganja, dakka, herb, weed, greenery, giggle weed, the doctor, love bud, giggle bud, giggle blossom
Gigg: Have you kissed the love blossom?
Sis: Yo Gigg, and the sweet sweet buds have talked to me.
by Jack Weed November 25, 2006
Top Definition

1. The vagina.

2. The external female genetilia in specific; the vulva.
How sweet it is to, like the bees of the field, flit about tasting the nectar of love blossom after love blossom.

When she removed her overalls and three pairs of long underwear, the room became inexplicably filled with the aroma of love blossoms.
by nihil0 April 06, 2010
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