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The proper English spelling of lol (laugh out loud). As often is the case, the US spelling drops the 'u'. It is estimated that over a lifetime, an average person can save a total of 3.78 mins by using the US spellings. To the English, this is just another example of the famed US Accountancy approach to life.
US buddy: lol - that is so funny - way cool, man
UK friend: I think you'll find that's 'loul'
US buddy: (in Dick Van Dyke Cock-er-ney accent) Do me a favor
by Vincent Spencer November 21, 2007
LOL with a British accent
LOUL@ fish & chips
by SweetDaddyPatty June 26, 2010
Laughing out uber loud. When laughing out loud, or LOL-ing simply isn't enough.
I LOUL-ed really hard when she fell off the school roof and landed in a pool full of eels.

Eddie: So then I told her to go eat a bottle of wasps...
Murphy: LOUL!
by Megaknight March 06, 2010

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