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For a man to take a shit in a girl's vagina.
He had himself a Louisiana hot pocket last night. *wink wink*
by Maggie Cunningham September 01, 2006
The ultimate revenge sex preformed by lubricating a condom with ICY HOT before having intercourse with an ex
Brandi that whore drunk dialed me last night so I ran over to her house and gave her a Louisiana Hot Pocket
by Twisted dude March 01, 2009
The act of someone shitting in a girls vagina and then fucking it in and out.
Boy: have you ever gotten a Louisiana hotpocket?
Girl: ya my vagina was dry so the guy shit in it
Boy: can I try?
Girl: eww no it's disgusting
by Hornyteen13 April 05, 2009
N. daniel fisher is a flaming bag of poop
that kid had the coolest louisiana hot pocket
by wizard mcgee December 09, 2009
To shit into a womans ass for lubrication.
I hope that bitch is ready for a Louisiana Hot Pocket
by fallen424 December 15, 2007