A certain style of facial hair consisting only of a moustache and chin hair.

Named after King Louis XVI of France
I had a fresh shave this morning, but I left a Louis
by XVI March 18, 2013
A zen like state of existence. Contentment bordering on subtle excitement. Truly living in the moment or having a transcendent moment Also, similar to "stoke" or "being stoked."
The origin of this word stems from Louis Armstrong who not only played jazz (peaceful, zen-like), he also sang "What a Wonderful World" displaying perfect Louisness in his attitude toward humanity.
by Paisley Zeppelin August 09, 2006
A tall, awesome kid who loves to play soccer. He has a big foot and is always bombing the ball in the back of the net. Louis also likes to play lots of video games and hang out with his friends. He also hates studying but gets good grades.
Louis is awesome.
by Ubdictionary January 10, 2015
A character in Left 4 Dead who is completely obsessed over pills and was probably high most of his life before the zombie apocalypse.
Louis: Grabbin Peelz
by Unicycle Boy September 24, 2011
Used when something is said and you do not agree with it. Means "or not" or "don't think so"
person 1:oh yeh look at her. shes hot eh?
person 2:eh louis mate
by LewisLashleyMate January 24, 2009
An evil genius, bent on leading a hyperactive army of children to the squash factory where they will bring capitalism to its end. Known for his bro-like qualities and his mind-blowing intelligence. Too cool for school.
Person 1: "Dude, did you hear about that conspiracy?"

Person 2: "Oh, the one last week with the squash? Yeah, that was Louis. He's so cray."

Person 1: "Man, I love that guy! What a bro!"
by kkismagic January 10, 2014
the act of askin someone out with out askin them
random hoe: ' r we goin out?' ....guy: 'yeh didn't you know?'

guy from a distance: 'dude that guy jus did a loui on that random hoe'
by 02ginge June 28, 2007
a nice guy who can be extremely arrogant and dousche-baggy but who is somehow very charming. He is a lover of music and theatre
God Louis is soo arrogant but sooo charming
by fewk November 19, 2013

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