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A zen like state of existence. Contentment bordering on subtle excitement. Truly living in the moment or having a transcendent moment Also, similar to "stoke" or "being stoked."
The origin of this word stems from Louis Armstrong who not only played jazz (peaceful, zen-like), he also sang "What a Wonderful World" displaying perfect Louisness in his attitude toward humanity.
by Paisley Zeppelin August 09, 2006
a person with an abnormally large penis and natural hormones that girls can't help swooning over
I had sex with a louis last night, he was awesome
by Godie1112 August 27, 2008
A loving boy who is the best boyfriend ever. He is someone you will always love no matter what. He is one of those people who you always think about even if you dont want to. Louis is a very intelligent person who is very understanding and is always there for you. He is a big flrit and a hit with all the ladies becuase of his amazing personality. Hes also the best friend someone could wish for, he is always there for you when you need him most. Louis is the definition of perfect.

O-Out of this world
Girl- whos your boyfriend then?
Girl 2- Louis :D

Girl- Lucky hes a keeper!
Girl 2- thank you ill never let him go, hes to perfect.
by Kiarakatie October 06, 2011
Someone who is absolutely everyones friend. Literally, not one person in his town does not know his name.
Very kind to everyone he sees. He is also great with words, as he writes music. So he's musical, and usually very loud when he plays drums!
However, he is romantic; in every way possible. I can't keep my eyes off his. Nor my lips...
He has a hard time finding love, probably because he is very spontaneous with his actions. He often meets girls, then loses them to other guys. But somehow, he won my heart...
I still can't believe how I could get a guy as amazing as Louis...
by In love with Louis November 26, 2011
16th of an ounce of cannabis (worth £10) ten bag

originates from the English King "Louis the 16th"
yo g, i'm brassic can i get a louis on tick
by Cpt. Cronic September 02, 2006
Guy everyone loves.
geunine, lovely and kind.
can't win at any fight has very womanly hands :)
everyone has to love him
"aww dont be such a louis"
"thats such a louis thing to do"
by MoMo110 August 16, 2008
Slang. Used occasionally in reference to a sixteenth of an ounce of marijuana. The expression is derived from Louis XVI.

See also Henry
Drugdealer: "You want a henry?"
Recreational drug user: "I've only got a tenner, can you do us a louis?"
by SilentBob May 17, 2005
When you have a 3/4 unwanted erect penis
"ohhh shit son, I've got a louis again."
by Megalouis May 02, 2010