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Loughborough is a small town, which has a great university, sadly run by a corrupt registrar called John Town who should be sacked.
Loughborough is great at sport.

Loughborough is even better at suspending students for doing things that they haven't done.
by Dave December 02, 2004
An amazing place, full of the greatest, most fun, most manic, amazing people on Earth. See great, amazing better than other shit unis and we only do your sister up the arse cos no1 else would have her
"Loughborough is 8th best university in the country"

"Loughborough...we rock!"

"Loughborough...we still have townies but we're better than Nottingham!"
by Tom May 22, 2004
A place where even the most minging of birds that make sonia jackson look sexy think they are supermodels. This is the loughborough where women are a rare commodity. If a fresher woman isn't taken, then the battle is lossed.
athletic freaks everwhere who have their heads up their own arse. Women have their heads up their own arse as everywhere they look there is a male desperate to mate. Alas its a place of celibacy for most
by steve February 09, 2004
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