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Any person, thing, or situation which is sketchy, shady, or undesirable.
"That guy just tried to buy me a drink with the come-on line, 'perhaps this will wet your whistle' - how louche can you get!?"
by Willy. February 06, 2007
A Female Douchebag. Derived from lady-douche.
Snookie from Jersey Shore is a major Louche!!
by Chay-Bot August 02, 2010
Used to describe someone or something that simply follows trends to be cool and popular. Often disregarding anything of value in order to make money.
Dave: "Gregory has been wearing that same low cut v-neck t-shirt all week, he looks ridiculous! He must be trying to be cool or something"

Davina: "Omg you're right, that's so louche!"
by Mr. Patron June 21, 2011
A loser douche.
Chris was being a louche when instead of coming over to jam, he stayed home to watch tv.
by madrummer10 August 02, 2009
To make an anise based drink opalescent, or cloudy, by adding water.
Logan Fils louched to a mustard turd brown when mixed with a 1:4 water ratio.
by Jack Batemaster January 07, 2004
A french word meaning Queer
omg that boy is such a louche
by angel425 October 28, 2009