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a lazy person who lives a laid back, peaceful, and decadent lifestyle. They appear in the Odyessy.
Dude, that they are total lotus eaters. They do what they want.
by lotus eater#3 June 06, 2006
In modern usage, the term Lotus Eater is used as a pejorative.

It refers to self absorbed, psuedo-intellectual dope smokers who are prone to grandiose ideas, but insulated from the real-world consequences. Lotus Eaters think that their skewed subjective reality is analogous to all other peoples in all other circumstances - even disparate cultures on the other side of the world.
"The GI on the ground in Iraq can't really relate to the lotus eaters back home."

"The lyrics of Michael Franti heavily resonate in the drug-addled mind of the lotus-eater."

by Pinche Jose Ciudadano December 29, 2008
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