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to be used when you want to fool someone into thinking you only like something a little but you really like it a lot
I only like him a lottle bit.

-How much do you like Harry Potter?
-Oh, just a lottle.
by Julia Flamashlama December 16, 2008
Seems like a little, but actually a lot.
"Hey, you wanna study History together?"
"But we're in different classes."
"Doesn't matter, theres a lottle stuff in common."
by CC-Milk June 05, 2009
Adj; the act of liking something a lot but cutely down playing it to a little.
John loves Rachel a lottle.

Doug misses his girlfriend a lottle.
by Funkmaster28 March 23, 2014

1. a lot of a little.

Used to modify the degree or quantity being indicated by the word little.
"That chick is a little weird."
"A little?"
"Nah... a lottle"
by Auguste Dupin March 20, 2010
Pronounciation: \lät\el\
Function: Noun
Etymology: Jonnyspeak, from Old English 'hlot', Modern English 'lot'
Date: Late 2007/Early 2008

1. More than a considerable quantity or extent <a lottle love>
e.g. I love you a lottle.
by Melissa Lovka March 03, 2008
Used in place of little, except means almost the opposite, with little meaning small and lottle meaning big
Emma: The life of Pi is religious right?
Max: A lottle bit yes
by Conquerer of Maxtown August 14, 2008
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