Leaves Of Three
YO! Dog lets roll with L.O.T
by D-ROCK October 15, 2003
A place of work (for those on tour). Here you will find many hippies trying their damnedest to sell: ganja snacks, hemp jewelry, and bunk doses to unsuspecting custies.
"My friend got his tank confiscated in lot"

"I bought this shirt for $10 in lot!!!"
by littlehemp July 28, 2009
Legacies Of Toast. A failed variation of LOL, common acronym for "laughing out loud" and the lesser known "lots of love."
Nerd 1: Have you heard about the new Final Fantasy?
Nerd 2: No, what's it called?
Nerd 1: Final Fantasy 17: LOT (legacies of toast)
Nerd 2: Cool! let's touch each other's penises!
A term used in the MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI; A command to bet on an item dropped by a monster that rolls a random number. Whoever has the highest lot receives the item.
Grr...that Taru Black Mage keeps lotting on all of the coffers!
by Marc Swift March 03, 2005

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