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The semi solid mass that forms in the dispenser, which must be picked out of the first squirt of suntan lotion, moisturizer, etc. Consistency is such that it is reminicient of a booger.
Lori: Rub this on my back.
Todd: Flip over.
Lori: Gross! I can feel the lotion booger on my shoulder!
Todd: Ugh! *flick*
by t_bag February 17, 2006
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The ball of dried lotion that shoots out of the bottle when you attempt to dispense the lotion.
I went to pump some Vaseline Intensive Care, and a giant lotion booger squirted out.
by jukaswo November 06, 2007
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Small, booger-like pieces that form when lotion dries on the edge/ inner cap of a lotion bottle. These annoying little bits sometimes get mixed with the good lotion in the bottle, or fall into your hands.
Rakisha: Sheniqua, do you have any lotion? I believe my knees are getting a bit ashy.

Sheniqua: Why yes I do, but it seems that it has been tainted with several lotion boogers.

Rakisha: What a pitty!

by sarah h... (yo momma) October 18, 2007
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