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Noun. One who attempts to combine outdated gay culture with goth fashion and personal "style" and ends up looking like a whorish mess.
Hey look at that lostpainting, he thinks he's eccentric and cool. Lets kick his ass.
by Israeli D June 10, 2008
Noun. A lostpainting is a homosexual gentleman who thinks himself highly original and free thinking. However, to an observer, a lostpainting is exposed as a cleverly crafted poseur of little real substance.

Originally in reference to the 1966 art-heist film How to Steal a Million, starring Audrey Hepburn and Peter O'Toole.

A lostpainting is epitomized by this quote from the film:

Charles Bonnet (O'Toole): What have I done? I've given the world a precious opportunity of studying and viewing the Cellini Venus.
Nicole Bonnet (Hepburn): Which is not by Cellini!
Charles Bonnet: Ahh, labels, labels. It's working with the Americans that's given you this obsession with labels and brand names. I wish you'd give up that ridiculous job.
Homosexual 1: Oh look! It's that guy! He's so clever and individual.
Homosexual 2: I assure you, he's merely a lostpainting.
Homosexual 1: *Frowns sternly at the aforementioned passer-by*
by Darcjuan Emilio Estevez July 12, 2008
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