A Losey is a slang term for a blowjob. A name of a city may be added before it to make it more descriptive.

i.e. A Green Bay Losey happens outside in the snow
"I got a Norman Losey last night"
"So she bit your neck? Let me see that mark."

"Dude, Luke totaly got a Las Vegas Losey last night."
"So where did you put the hooker's body after you took coke off of her?
by T Fritz November 08, 2007
a cigarette either bought or borrowed and came from a convenient store.
I went to the 7-11 to buy a pack of loseys from an Arab.
by h00ter May 24, 2006
An extreme of a loser; a more derrogatory substitute for "loser."
sometimes thought of as "loser squared"
What he did was such a losey thing to do!
That girl dumped you? What a losey.
by Jillybooty March 11, 2009

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