All the stuff that comes out of a loser's mouth after he loses.
*After losing in a game of touch football*
Loser: That's not fair! The ball was slippery. The grass was too long.
Winner: Whatever...That's just loser talk.
by AlwaysAWinner April 12, 2009
Top Definition
To talk like a looser and entertain the possibility of failure rather than to speak positively and with certainty of success
I will try to reach my goals. The word "try" is Losertalk.
by RJencore August 04, 2009
-When a fan of a sorry ass team talks smack on a winning team. That's loser talk.

-is when people talk shit on facebook about a battle that does not involve their own team.

-bandwagon bitches who jump from one team to the other are usual suspects of loser talk.
Laker fan :I'm Watching game 3 of the clippers vs okc and the clips sucks #lakernation.

OkC fan: man that's losertalk gtfoh
by ohdamnyoufool June 11, 2014
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