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A True Black-Metal fan, Someone who slaughter cats for the pleasure of it.
Black metal ist krieg ! 666 !
by Borice :D April 06, 2004
9 60
Polite and shorter way of saying "Oh my dear God!" without implying direct begging of the Man above. Coined by Ladholyman from #srvanime @ irc.rizon.net.
"Lordy!" screamed {rR}cv1per4 as he was shot multiple times in the chest, resulting in a very bloody death, by teammate {rR}Ladholyman's M5 Pump Shotgun.
by Ladholyman April 25, 2005
80 9
Refering to god.
Orgin: Sanabell Church California
O Lordy how in the hel did you mess up.
by K-Ville Playa080808 March 04, 2005
15 8
slang for 'lord of the rings', has many variations but Lordies is most common
'I think lordies is Tolkien's best work'
by bArthOliMEw January 07, 2006
1 1
A wooden spunk recepticle
Pass me the Lordy - the spermatazoa are about to breach.
by Mickey Boomslanger January 04, 2012
1 8
Greatest Human Being; A Saint
Holy Lordy Has Arrived
by Dr. Jarred Smith November 22, 2009
8 16