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an unbelievably awesome chick that everyone likes.
"Did you hang out with Loraine?"
"Hell yeah, that chick is wicked awesome."
by Princess17 August 26, 2008
Loraine is a sweet and kind girl. Very outgoing! Some people want to be Loraine. Loraine's love so much there hearts are so big for people and there is always room for more!!
Love is Loraine
by Bella Mella February 03, 2010
The most amazing girl you'll ever find. She is sweet. Cute. Funny. Can be quite silly at times. And is very talented. She makes everyone around her smile and does not cease to bring joy to others.
Isn't Loraine so amazing?
Yeah. Maybe I'll ask her out.
Haha. Not if I do it first.
Haha. Hey see that fire extinguisher over there?
by Not Bruce Lee February 25, 2012
To describe a naive, innocent girl who can't express her own opinions and gives in to peer pressure.
"Did you hear about that girl who drank too much and was sick?"
"Yeah, I heard that people were forcing her to down it"
"Apparently, you could tell she didn't want to but just told everyone she was fine."
"Omg, what a Loraine!"
by Madrith October 10, 2011
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