An adjective describing something something that is:
A.) Lopsided
B.) Stupid looking
by JuanDeez November 08, 2003
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To actively perform poorly or to be lame. The adjective of lop, as in lop of shit.
That new boyfriend of yours is kind of loppy.

I don't know why I played so loppy today.

This new computer is so loppy.
by Ahi September 29, 2004
An adjective that means dirty or mucky
Your shirt's all loppy
by Bambi Dextrous April 13, 2008
Loppy means to be...

a) bumpy
b) sideways
c) wavy

It's a Newfoundland term.
"The water is loppy"

"Yeah, there's lots of waves"
by Nealoca August 13, 2009
adv. to have the appearance of lop-sidedness
Your glasses are a little loppy on your face.
by Anonymous October 07, 2003
97 Honda accord with ground effects.
Jakes car is loppy.
by Tank April 29, 2003
uneven boobs that make a girl somtimes stand sideways can lead to smelly vagina. also see vagina fury
omg that girls tits are so loppy

hey look at at loppy standin by herself lookin all emo
by Mark Rubinstein May 17, 2006

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