Stupide spyware.
Gah, I hate LOP going onto my IE and installing their stupid toolbar. Maybe I don't want to go to their stupid search site either.
by Mister Ignorant April 23, 2004
to chop something down
You've got to lop those trees (down) before you can start building.
used instead of (lol) laf out loud it means laf out ppl
she has nits eww!!!lop thats so funi
by lil nomes March 17, 2006
L.O.P.-Lady on period! used as verb..
Hey cass i'm on lop! are you on lop? i'm on lop
by James-akalaurenlover December 28, 2005
Can also stand for, Laugh out pee, when told something funny.
Deanna, you are so silly, you made me lop.
by Ray Rae May 16, 2005
stands for:
Lick Our Piss
Yo, LOP muthafucka!
by LOP February 10, 2004
the act of a policeman biting your neck
you were lped by that policeman
by LOL October 23, 2003

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