a person that has something off about them; a little awkward; has no confidence in themselves; is kinda shady
person 1: "I don't know. There's just something weird about him."
person 2: "I don't trust him. He's a lop."
by lopitdown November 08, 2011
Stands for "Left Over Pussy". A lop is a loose and easy hoe.
"You should go get at Brandy. She's a lop."
by nashhh May 29, 2014
"Laugh out Privately"
1.(On facebook...)

Francois: "Hello, little child, want some candy?"
Child: "loploploploplop! Did you think I'd really fall for that!?!?loploplop!"

2.(On facebook...)

Bob: "Damnit! I got an F on my Discovering Geometry test!"
Random Girl: "loploplop"
Bob: "God! It's none of your business!"
by Void.S March 23, 2014
A man or woman suffering from Lack Of Penis Or Pussy Syndrome.

Usually diagnosed to someone who is always depressed around a couple, constantly masturbating, or sexually deprived.
Greg: Have you heard about Ollie?
Gary: Why what's up?
Greg: He's masturbated 48 times in the last 3 days!

Sammi: Everytime I bring my boyfriend home my sister becomes a bitch?
Heidi: Has she gotten dick recently, if not she has lops.
by itslova January 27, 2014
A negative term for a person that is lazy or worthless. A lop is good for nothing.
me: "Let's go shoot some hoops!"

you: "No, I'm okay, I dont feel like doing anything today."

me: "whatever, quit being such a lop, and come on."
by STLtoKC420 December 17, 2013
Somebody who is doing things wrong
Jared Hoefke is the perfect example of a lop
by Iowarules1234 January 12, 2011
Lack Of Play Syndrome. not getting any action for a long time is a result of L.O.P.S.
1)"Yo man, I got mad L.O.P.S."
2)"Looks like that guy sitting in the corner is suffering from L.O.P.S, he hasn't talked to a girl all night."
by Blackzilla May 27, 2007

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