I read all of the other definitions, they are all wrong! 'LOP' is used as a commonplace description in the California Department of Corrections since at least the 80's. So many inmates over the years going home have made it popular terminology on the street too. As an inmate, 'LOP' status means 'Loss Of Privileges', a result of said inmate not following policy... Among the correctional staff, it means "Low Overall Performance"... though no officer or supervisor I ever asked, could ever verbalize what it meant or stood for! So, I figured it out perfectly for that environment!
Inmate... "Bitch, dat's the last time you pull dat shit on me and don't cook! You on LOP status til you gain some respect fo' me! Get me a Hennessy!"

C/O... "What a LOP! He didn't hand out the TP (toilet paper) on Third Watch!
by jon2guapo May 26, 2013
a person that can't be explained because of the moranic ideas that they hold or idiotic actions they do.
that foo' is a lop, 'cause he doesn't know how to chill wit his homies.
by steven Lord July 31, 2004
lack of potential, morons!
Van is such a lop!
by Smelly January 07, 2004
Lop stands for "laughing out pancakes".
OMG that is soo funny! You made me lop!!
by quackquaaack April 01, 2009
Laziest Option Possible
Hey, John lets go to the movies.

Not if I have to get up.

Why you gotta take the lop.
by Kratos330 March 15, 2009
internet slang abbreviation for "lunges out pecks".
also "lunging out pecks"

used to express the action of immediately entering an ape-like defensive stance.
"hey man, i'm gonna release snakes on your plane"
by mooooneeilll April 25, 2006
n: the last name implemented in a case of a falsely mentally retarded crazy person - background - Alyson Lop is the founder of the organization ALA - alyson lop association
Amanda Lop. Ben Lop. Mary Anne Lop.
by Sara Lop August 09, 2004
Means same as lope, clumsy
Hey you are a lop.
by wouldnt you like to no April 07, 2003

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