1) adj. poorly executed; sloppy. Frequently used with job, "lop job".

2) n. a person who does a job carelessly.

3) n. a stupid or lazy person; see asshat.

4) n. a person who's time/energy are misdirected.
1) look at what a lop job that web developer did on those GIFs.

2) that new intern's report was so full of errors I had him write it again, that lop.

3) that stupid lop at McDonald's didn't put my fries in the bag.

4) look at that lop who spent $7000 customizing his pickup, but still lives in a trailer.
by rolfsky June 23, 2003
A person who has a Lack of Personality who has no sense of humor no common sense , who is dull , boring and has no clue about what to do or how to act.
You could tell he was a L.O.P by the way he acted.
by Kimberly Delgado July 06, 2006
Stands for "Left Over Pussy". A lop is a loose and easy hoe.
"You should go get at Brandy. She's a lop."
by nashhh May 29, 2014
A person who is lazy, lethargic, and puddle like.
I.e. Maddie never does anything but lay around. She is a fat lop on her couch.
by mrm December 20, 2014
Noun (Låüps) Origin: Ireland

A man with remarkably large balls. A lops' ball sack is typically large enough to influence a slight gravitational pull. Current science cannot even explain the phenomenon of Lops' utterly colossal scrotum. Lops' semen is so potent that he has been known to knock up multiple grandmothers at a time. Lops is often forced to avoid elevators as the weight of his right ball alone would exceed most capacities. Not be confused with the French word "Cons" which roughly translates to: A stupid school girl who craves being pleasured from behind, i.e. a buttslut
Girl #1: "Jesus Christ Lops just jumped in the Ocean and now there is a Tsunami in Indonesia!"

Girl #2: "Wow Lops is the man, I want to jerk him off and hope to god he lets me fondle that glorious sack."

God, Psalm 15:21 : "It took me 6 days to create the universe but 3 of those days were spent sculpting lops' enormous testicles."
by BuddDwyer6 October 28, 2014
"Laugh out Privately"
1.(On facebook...)

Francois: "Hello, little child, want some candy?"
Child: "loploploploplop! Did you think I'd really fall for that!?!?loploplop!"

2.(On facebook...)

Bob: "Damnit! I got an F on my Discovering Geometry test!"
Random Girl: "loploplop"
Bob: "God! It's none of your business!"
by Void.S March 23, 2014
A man or woman suffering from Lack Of Penis Or Pussy Syndrome.

Usually diagnosed to someone who is always depressed around a couple, constantly masturbating, or sexually deprived.
Greg: Have you heard about Ollie?
Gary: Why what's up?
Greg: He's masturbated 48 times in the last 3 days!

Sammi: Everytime I bring my boyfriend home my sister becomes a bitch?
Heidi: Has she gotten dick recently, if not she has lops.
by itslova January 27, 2014
A negative term for a person that is lazy or worthless. A lop is good for nothing.
me: "Let's go shoot some hoops!"

you: "No, I'm okay, I dont feel like doing anything today."

me: "whatever, quit being such a lop, and come on."
by STLtoKC420 December 17, 2013

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