Looters are normally minorities that take advange of a situation, where law inforcement is spread too thin or too busy. Looters are basicly theives who will steal anything and everything not nailed down. A hoarding of stolen goods. As much as 80% of African Americans will loot if given the opertunity. White American looters are considered to be white trash .
Check out those nigger looters in New Orleans!
by Doug Hightower September 08, 2005
Top Definition
(N) 1 a: A person who steals everything they can get their hands on, regardless of the fact that the stolen item may be totally useless or broken. b: A person who steals ideas to further their own social situation, anyone who someone who steals ideas. c: A derogatory colloquialism for a troublesome pet.
(a) He couldn't believe how his lovely wife had become such a complete looter. She was even stealing plastic lunch trays from fast-food restaurants.

(b) He collapsed in tears in front of the entire office. he admitted that he was the looter which had stolen the Muppets in Space movie idea and sold it to the Russians.

(c) Pox... get out of the bag of cat food, I just fed you... God, I swear, you are such a looter
by Tlahtoani Anubis May 31, 2005
The lowest form of life.
Looters often take advantage of a bad situation only to steal.
Did you see all those nigger looters after hurricane Katrina hit?
by Doug Hightower September 20, 2005
Commonly African Americans who take advantage of a natural disasters. Looters are scum of the earth.
The Looter broke into the store in New Orleans and stole 50 pairs of Nike Shoes and a copy of Jet Magazine.
by Doug Hightower September 02, 2005
A new restuarant chain in New Orleans.
They used to be called Hooters, now they are renamed Looters. And anybody who did any looting in New Orleans will be qualified to work there.
by Ramtek December 01, 2005
In the Internet gaming, a person that steals everything you get, like Monster drops in Maple Story.
Mapler A: *kills black crow*
Black crow: *drops stonethoot sword*
Mapler A: YAY a sonethoot. *runs*
Mapler B: *uses looting program*
*steals Mapler A's stonethoot before mapler A picks it up*
Mapler B: I'm so fly, i liek to l00t. l0l!
by Mr. Mapler A. August 18, 2008
Noobs in the MMORPG, Runescape, that infest the wilderness and steal various junk that pkers drop or just leave when they k0 someone. Most looters hope they can grab the st00f from lagging pkers and or double kills( when two people kill themselves at the same time) Looters are like the rats of runescape, their number among countless thousands. They tend to be in the very low levels and like to swarm the best pking worlds. These are the scum of runescape.
1337 l00ter: z0mfg! Just looted a d long of dat n00bz0r hahah!

Pker: stfu you st00pid nub looter , learn to pk ch00blet!
by pur3pk3rpwn September 10, 2007
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