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when a female vagina is so loose it's like having sex with a warm bucket of water, basically....
it's the act of being a giant whore
wow this girl BMJ is such a fucking loosey goosey
she touches SP tiny wang every day for 10 cents
WOW that is loose
by CC&BJ January 22, 2007
Not following prescribed guidelines or general societal expectations. Very casual. Bypassing certain boundaries.
Jack always comes to work late. I guess both he and the boss are loosey goosey when it comes to punctuality.
by GarthF December 01, 2005
When a girl's vagina space is beyond the average space.

This probably is because she has had several sex partners. Once a guy finds she is this loose he probably won't go back to her. He can't feel anything.
Matt: Lance, don't even bother checking out Rihanna, she's a loosey goosey!

Lance: Naw, man look at her...damn!

Matt: NO! Trust me don't go there.

Lance: Aw, are you for realz!??! I wanted to get with her.
by IKnowIt203 July 27, 2010
This term is used to describe a girl who is so loose that you a guy can't feel anything during sex.
After I had sex with Taylor Green, I realized she was a loosey goosey bitch, because i couldn't feel a thing.
by kitty139 May 14, 2009
a very loosly rolled joint or rollie
Gary: 2's up
Bob: here you go gary
Gary: pfft its a bit loosey goosey, did u roll this?
Bob:*embarresed he lies* no
by MMMMPickle October 20, 2007
to become under the influence, because of alcoholic beverages, more specifically, grey goose.
yo, im tryna get loosey goosey tonight.
by Mike yancy April 20, 2006
a "loosey goosey" is a slut. One who gives up sexual favors freely. These people may also be referred to as "easy", "hoochies", "scanks", or even "Sex feinds".
Ex: Brittney is a loosey goosey and has sex with anyone anywhere.
by Brittney Richardson May 18, 2004