when a female vagina is so loose it's like having sex with a warm bucket of water, basically....
it's the act of being a giant whore
wow this girl BMJ is such a fucking loosey goosey
she touches SP tiny wang every day for 10 cents
WOW that is loose
by CC&BJ January 22, 2007
Top Definition
Not following prescribed guidelines or general societal expectations. Very casual. Bypassing certain boundaries.
Jack always comes to work late. I guess both he and the boss are loosey goosey when it comes to punctuality.
by GarthF December 01, 2005
when you on acid or 'Lucy' and everyone looks like birds, more specifically like gooses
Those tabs made shit loosey goosey - crazy bruh.
by dameshishi March 18, 2016
This term is used to describe a girl who is so loose that you a guy can't feel anything during sex.
After I had sex with Taylor Green, I realized she was a loosey goosey bitch, because i couldn't feel a thing.
by kitty139 May 14, 2009
a very loosly rolled joint or rollie
Gary: 2's up
Bob: here you go gary
Gary: pfft its a bit loosey goosey, did u roll this?
Bob:*embarresed he lies* no
by MMMMPickle October 20, 2007
When a girl's vagina space is beyond the average space.

This probably is because she has had several sex partners. Once a guy finds she is this loose he probably won't go back to her. He can't feel anything.
Matt: Lance, don't even bother checking out Rihanna, she's a loosey goosey!

Lance: Naw, man look at her...damn!

Matt: NO! Trust me don't go there.

Lance: Aw, are you for realz!??! I wanted to get with her.
by IKnowIt203 July 27, 2010
a "loosey goosey" is a slut. One who gives up sexual favors freely. These people may also be referred to as "easy", "hoochies", "scanks", or even "Sex feinds".
Ex: Brittney is a loosey goosey and has sex with anyone anywhere.
by Brittney Richardson May 18, 2004
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