A piece of snot, or booger that is suspended in one's nostril by nose hairs.
Gavin never really had good luck with hot women, but then again, he never checked for loose noodles before the first date.
by Stevie Y July 19, 2005
Top Definition
n. a dick that can't, under any circumstances, get or remain hard. An absolutely dissapointing way to end the night.
Because Dean's loose noodle was such an inconvenience to every girl he encountered, he became a social outcast.
by krissy922 October 12, 2009
when a man's penis protrudes through the opening of his boxers
Ted: Why don't you go ahead and take a seat, Mike.

Mike: I would Ted, but every time i've sat down today i've caught a bad case of loose noodle.
by despicvble July 18, 2015
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