Also known as the Accidental Money Shot. After cumming a man pulls his penis out so fast that some loose cum flings up and onto his partners face. This is usually an unintentional act.
"My husband gave me some Loose Change, I was so pissed."

"Dude I came so much that I gave her Loose Change when I pulled out."
by sailorangel59 June 15, 2011
Top Definition
children outside of wedlock
I don't have any loose change, I'm waiting until I get married to have children.
by dehubb133 October 10, 2006
Any amount of coins including pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters that you find on the sidewalk, the floor, and around benches and vending areas. When enough is collected, one can bring in a considerable revenue from these coins. These small fortunes usually range from $20-$35 in cash once taken to a bank or a CoinStar.
Once, I made $1.33 on loose change in just one day.
by The Kentucky Yankee October 31, 2005
1) An assortment of coins, usually found in your pockets.
2) A comically bad diss track made by rap artist Ja Rule targetting 50 Cent. Includes the infamous 'MUREDR INC' line which pretty much solidified the fact that Ja Rule never had a chance against G-Unit to begin with, even though most of G-Unit (aside from The Game) is just as mediocre.
1) "I have some loose change in my pocket. I'll use it to buy something in the vending machine."
2) "I really don't care ta stand but Fifty you gon' get shot again
by the M-U-R-E-D-R INC" -Ja Rule, Loose Change
by The Sub January 23, 2005
A goup of girls in which not a single dime piece exists!
Usuall found a bars dooping guys into buying thier ugly asses drinks!
Man these bitches came over and I'm telling you bro nothing but loose change!!
by Nevada05 July 29, 2008
The drops of semen that end up in unintended places when trying to get that perfect money shot.
After making love with my wife I went to wipe the sweat off my brow and realized there was loose change on my forehead.
by KolbyB1 July 12, 2013
The event in which change occurs in the loosening of the anus through sodomy, sodomy to the point of anal prolapse.

One initiated to the point of such change, may be referred to as a loose change operative.

These operatives are 'ass'ets if you will of their abusers.
Much of those described as Hollywoods royalty are in their position due to being loose change operatives.
by cryospark November 13, 2011
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