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to put it simply: whores

women who are easy and have sex often
Loose women are so pitiful.
by JennaGirl April 03, 2006
1: A woman with loose sexual morals, pl loose women

2: Loose women - A show on ITV with a bunch of slags talking shit at lunchtime
Loose Woman:

1.(pl) Essex is full of loose women

2. I watched loose women today with my mum, it was the biggest waste of 30min
by allankey July 16, 2008
A group of decrepit whores whom sit on ITV1 at lunch time, brag about their fantasy sex lives, and act like friends while secretly hating of each other.
Loose Women;
Denise: 'oh Carol, u met me new man yet? hes only 23'
Carol: 'im so happy for you Denise *cough* slut! *cough*'
by A!max January 11, 2011
Can also be referred to as a 'slag' or 'trampy whore' - A woman with no class and most probably filthy.
"That is one loose woman"
"Megan fox"
by Bored and Bitchy May 02, 2009
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