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A plump / chubby young girl ( 18 - 25 yrs and semi-fashion conscious ) who enjoys drink and drugs and who is sexually promiscuous. Lookins are renowned for having plump , fleshy rounded vulvas which become very wet and highly aroused during sexual stimulation.
Man check out Lookins over there. I bet she is gagging for it.
by slssfw April 24, 2005
6 2
When your at a social gathering and you are lookin.
Sophia lookin.
by nizzbull October 02, 2011
16 7
A derogatory term applied to a plump/overweight girl who is of loose morals and is sexually promiscuous.
Check out that lookins, I bet she's love it up the arse after a couple of beers.
by General Zod March 01, 2005
5 0
Cincinnati for chillin, or coolin out
"whaddup lil nigga".."shit, lookin"
by Keenan Lady October 01, 2003
21 19
A word that people use when they are white and are trying to act black.
Morgan Athey is not lookin' very fresh today
by dkgljab January 13, 2011
6 6
Trying to find out the cause of case
Police look in the murder
by maykee September 28, 2006
2 3