the game in which seductive yet playful glances are exchanged between two strangers who are attracted to each other. this game may or may not lead to a conversation between said strangers.
I was at the library today and this cute blond guy and I were playing lookie the whole time. Each time our eyes met I smiled coyly and looked away.
by shlo lindstorm October 21, 2010
Top Definition
Slang, U.S. South/rural, for "look". Not sure why "ie" was tacked on to end. Raises issue of whether the defunct Look Magazine was called 'Lookie' by some.
Woman trying to get her husband's attention: 'Lookie here for some nookie'!
by Norman December 05, 2003
A peek at a woman's breasts or genitals.
Prosecutor: The prosecution will show that the defendant was taking money in exchange for sex at the Rainbow Burger drive-thru.
Patty: That's a lie! I wasn't taking money for sex, I was taking burgers for sex. And curly fries for a diddle and a pickle for a lookie.
by Frederik May 06, 2006
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