1.Some one who just looks at girls but never trys to get with them
2.a baseball player who looks at strike 3 every time
1.Boy:"hey her body is fine"
Girl:"hey u want my number"
Boy:"um um um.....drool"
2.This is the last pitch of the world series if he strikes out the game is over. the 3-2 pitch is right down the middle and he watches it go by.
by john lipuma June 27, 2005
Top Definition
one who is pleasant to look at, usually used for a young woman.

an attractive person.
marie was quite a looker before the sausage mill incident.
by dagger_grrl June 02, 2004
One who possesse beauty and is aesthetically pleasing. Often used to describe a person.
Bloke - "My cousin Phil is such a fucking looker. I am so fucking jealous."

My mate Dave - "That's cos you are not so much of a looker."
by jimsee November 29, 2004
A hot guy/girl with a sexy body, and gorgeous face who makes u look twice at his or her sexiness.
Johns brother is quite a looker like the to guys i saw going by my house on skateboards today.
by jess887 November 18, 2007
A woman so delicously pretty that you stop whatever your doing to gasp in her beauty.
Isaac: Oh My GOD!!! Who is that?!?

Matt: I don't know but she's a looker.
by Meh Shee May 31, 2009
An older term for a man or woman who is considered physically attractive. More common in Britain and the northern US.
"Damn, Kate is such a looker. She's totally in to me, too!"
"HA! You wish. Don't front, bro. You ain't much of a looker....no homo."
by tomazgeofferson July 30, 2012
Another term for eyes.
If that nigga jimjim keeps eyeballin' me, ima pop him 'tween the lookers.
by BUDDISON February 14, 2009
a hot person
She's a looker!
by Flogic July 10, 2013

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