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when some ones shows up unexpectedly
Look what the cat dragged in! (Look who is here)
by Fernanda July 28, 2005
Cats are known for bringing dead mice/rats/birds and other vermin they may have found or killed in to their owner's home.

Upon meeting someone who is disliked, by using this phrase you imply that they are the vermin mentioned above.
(Upon meeting an ex-boyfriend at a party)
"Well well! Look what the cat dragged in!"
by Alpha_nine April 01, 2008
Describing someone or something who looks like a dead rat on your porch.
I was looking at Peewee's girlfriend and couldn't stop thinking, "Oh look what the cat dragged in!!"
by razzle dazzle 69 November 30, 2013
An implication that someone is looking haggard, disheveled, and weather very bad shape.
"Honey, don't I look fabulous in this new dress?"
"Look what the cat dragged in."
by Nick D March 10, 2005
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