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The act of performing fellatio with out the use of hands. Also used to describe sexual acts performed without the use of hands.
She said, "look ma no hands," -Wale, "No Hands

Then I'mma throw this money up, while you do it with no hands" -Roscoe Dash, "No Hands #lookmanohands
by Cadbury12 December 07, 2010
Something to say to one's mom after or during accomplishment of something that would usually be done with more than "no hands".
- "Look ma no hands!", when riding a bike with no hands
- "Look ma no hands!", when an insurgent blows up your humvee on a mission in iraq and you lose your hands. (ref, the wire 5th season)
by saparatus November 18, 2010
its about tossing money at a stripper while shes giving you a lap dance or dancing for you at a club
Imma sip mascato and you go loose dem pants
And Imma throw dis money while you do it no hands
Girl drop it to the floor I love the way yo booty goooo
All I wanna do is sit back and watch you move and I'll proceed to throw this cash

Lambo roscoe no street code 'cause yo booty go me lost like nemo, go go go g-gone and do yo dance
And imma throw this money while you do it wit no hands GO!!!- roscoe

Hey you got me in a trans, you take of yo pants
You pop on a handstand you got me sweating please pass me a fan DAMN!! - wakaa
by cbknigga December 30, 2010

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