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Spit or mouth excrement.
Wipe your own loogies off the sink. It's disgusting.
by Jennifer Tai July 20, 2006
Loogy is a term for a left handed specialist relief pitcher in baseball. It comes from Left Only One Out Guy.
Hafner is coming up so they'll get their loogy ready.
by williama April 19, 2007
A huge glob of spit.
Yo I chucked a loogy at the principal! He's super pissed so don't drink any more water.
by Blah August 09, 2003
muscus that forms in the lungs during blowjobs - often used to cough up pubic hair from hairy men during foreoplay
Man that is some hairy muscus - shave that shit.
by The other white meat December 06, 2003