a male who is given the name after an embarassing accident of being caught sleping naked with his hand,,,,uhm..nevermind
"dude. we gave him the nickname lonnie beacuase...-"

lonnie : "shutup!"
by Avatar<33 April 26, 2010
Top Definition
the name for someone with the body of a roman god
lonnie is hot
by Alonzo Thompson January 29, 2009
A Man of Great Size and Stature. Known to be Honest and Loyal. He's the Strongest guy in any given room, the first one you call when you're moving. Intelligent and engaging. Fathers beg him to marry their daughters.
How do you like your new Son in Law?
I wish he were more of a Lonnie.
by DaBiggun August 01, 2011
The name for someone with the body of a roman god. A Man of Great Size and Stature. He's the strongest guy in any given room. Known to say Love as a strong feeling in their heart but tries to show it in the best way they can. Unbelievably unbelievable in the words they speak
Sexy & Built .. Lonnie is the one to be with.
by Alecia Morgan July 10, 2013
The most amazing, gorgeous human being on the face of the Earth. Has beautiful blue eyes. Long brown hair and presumably short. She loves to read and just be around her friends. Is extremely funny but yet a little perverted. Has those weird moments and laughs a lot. Sometimes she is really calm. Usually, only when she isn't in a very good mood. Or you know, she's day-dreaming. She loves too be with her boyfriend and he brings out the good in her. She doesn't care what people think of her and jumps around a lot and acts crazy. Lonnie has a weird crazed fashion. Her addiction is music and taking pictures of everything. Lonnie is just an all out amazing person.
by Bubba1234567 November 17, 2011
The act of performing oral sex while defecating.

The opposite of blumpkin.

Alternate spelling-Lonny.
I bet that guy will give you a lonnie.
by Vicious Masterjack January 07, 2014
A large and fluffy and/or puffy object or person.
"Man that Jiggypuff is so lonnie."

"Man I don't want this stale and hard cottoncandy, I want some fresh lonnie cottoncandy."
by badmofo808 February 03, 2010
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