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Person who normally rides a longboard skateboard rather than a more traditional short skateboard. While most (not all) skateboarders tend to have a tendency to attempt to be cool by rebelling against society by listening to music with no flow to it and by hating everyone around them; Longboarders are generally more chilled out; Opting for more peaceful genres of music like Ska and also just skate to enjoy the ride, not to act like cocky jerks to everybody.
Skater - Man... People all suck. I hate my parents who pretty much payed for this board.

Longboarder - That's too bad bra. I'm just trying to enjoy life as it comes dude

Skater - Well you're a pussy too!

Longboarder - Damn...

*Karma.. Skateboarder crashes in freak accident after failing a trick and ends up on Scarred. There's his 15 minutes of fame*
by Masa Thor July 07, 2008
people who ride longboards
Joe: Who are those guys?
Bob: Those are the longboarders
by Swag Master Jay June 03, 2013
someone who has moved on from "new school" skate boarding to a more faster variety of skating. long boaders can't do many tricks but kick a*se at speed. long boards are easier to learn to ride than skate bpards as they have more balance, but once you get into long boadrs with suspension and add the speed it's really quite hard. Long Boards are Exceptionally good for "bum boarding" and "twin Tagging". Both are where you sit on the board and go down a huge steep melafont street, twin tagging is just where it's two people on the one board.. normally you twin tag if it's your frist time and sit at the front. Long boarders are not skaters, and are generally tougher...therefore if you call one a skater fag you will ganerally get beaten up.
random: get a life you skater fag
long boarder: what did you call me?
random: skater fag
long boarder: *bashes random*
random: *spends next 6 months in hospital recovering*
by Jax The Next Ripper September 17, 2006
an intelligente person who is usually more chill than a regular skateboarder and is less likely to do drugs. sometimes an adrenaline junkie
skater: hey man wanna smoke some weed
longboarder : no thanks bruh I'm to busy bombing hills and chillin
by nerdcustomlongboards June 17, 2012
People who ride boards with a limited range of tricks and usually consider themselves better than skateboarders because they can go fast and "look cool"
"wow that guy is such a poser, who is he?"
"he's a longboarder"
by Tyler the Inventor March 10, 2014
A person who finds joy in riding a long-board or longer skateboard

Usually a typical college douche bag who trys to fit in with everybody else and beacuse he/she has no skills they give long boarding a go.

Sometime the usual try hard white rasta with dreadlocks as well.

The typical "im so indie I like donavon frankenrieter and go home try to paint but I really suck ass" person who trys not to conform to the typical sports of today by conforming to an semi-alternative lifestyle of long-boarding.

Too kool for skateboarding not to kool for long boarding.
Skater 1: Do you know mark that douche bag that does art?

Skater:2 Yeah

Skater 1: Yeah hes a long boarder

Skater 2: Wow hes kool and alternative, I hope im as kool as him some day
by HircineXex August 22, 2010
A bias individual who uses/rides a longboard as a means of compensation for their lack of masculinity/ Inflation of one's ego.

To inflate the masculinity/ego, the longboarder will tend to look down on others on the basis of:

- Sexual Oreintation
- Race
- Skateboarding
- Rollerblading
Person 1:Hey want to go do something?

Longboarder: Naw, I am going to go longboard

Person 2: Oh ok, Let's go then.

Longboarder:No gays allowed.

Person 3: Excuse me!? That has nothing to do with longboarding.

Longboarder: we don't accept your kind.

(Longboarder takes off on longboard and is hit by a bus.)
by Carl Dowling October 08, 2009
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